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Welcome to e-Serifos, the greatest website of Cyclades about Serifos!

Our goal is to provide you with the information required by the visitors of Serifos, therefore we are in close collaboration with the local institutions and associations, always providing the most accurate information regarding the island!

Serifos, the Seducer of the Senses!!!

Snow-white houses with colorful windows, limpid narrow streets, small churches with white or blue domes, traditional windmills, golden sandy beaches that are waiting for you to discover them… This is Serifos, a Cyclades painting!

Chora village in Serifos

More on Serifos

The mines in Serifos
  • Mines are an integral part of Serifos’ history. Some of their galleries and installations are still there and it is worth visiting them.

  • Working conditions in the mines were really hard, while according to historians thousands of workers have lost their lives in the mine galleries because of the bad working conditions and the lack of security measures.

  • The inhuman working conditions have lead to the workers’ rebellion of 1916. The strike (the first one in Greece) took place on the 7 of August 1916, when the workers refused to ship the mine.
Serifos beaches. Beaches with sand, pebbles and rocky coasts in Serifos
  • Serifos' beaches, which are over 70 in number, are a very good reason to visit the island.
  • Rocky coasts, beaches with fine pebbles and golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, some of which are accessible by road, while other through picturesque paths or by the sea.
  • It is worth visiting as many as you can, since each one of them has something unique to offer!
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