Sights around Koutalas in Serifos

A tour around Koutalas and the sights of the surrounding area

What to see near Koutalas in Serifos

Koutalas is a coastal settlement at the southwestern side of Serifos, which has been developed during the time when the island’s mines were operating and which was the mining center of the island. Along the beach there are still some houses built in stone, where the mine workers used to crowd. In the area there are still some ruins of the times when the mines used to operate (loading ladder, mine-waggons and other machinery) as well as countless galleries on the slopes around, which are painted the color of slag.

On the hill above the beach of Koutalas, there is the Old Woman’s Castle, the ruins of which manifest that it used to be an ancient citadel or a castled settlement.

If you take the road from Koutalas to Chora, a bit after the crossroads to Megalo Livadi, you shall see on your right Aspros Pirgos (the White Tower). You shall get there after following a short path of 5 minutes walk. The White Tower is supposed to be a building dating from the Hellenistic era that was used as a watch tower. From here, you shall be able to enjoy the view to the southeastern coast of Serifos. On the east side of the White Tower you shall see the ruins of the Old Woman’s Castle. The small church next to the White Tower is dedicated to Agios Haralambos and it is believed that parts of the Tower have been used for its construction.

Leaving the White Tower and returning to the central road to Megalo Livadi, you shall meet a dirt road leading to the Monastery of Evangelistria Acroteriani. A bit after the entrance of he dirt road there is the small church of Agia Triada, painted in intense colours, like a jewel on the mountain. From here you can see the women’s monastery of Evangelistria in the background.

The monastery is not really interesting however it is worth getting to the end of the way because a bit further down there is Psaropyrgos or the Throne of the Cyclops or Canapes. It is a new building 9 meters long and 7 meters wide constructed with big slates.

At its east side there are "cells" constructed with big rocks. The location offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea and of the surrounding area and it is worth delaying your departure in order to enjoy the sunset.

A bit before you arrive to the Monastery of Evangelistria there is a building made of stone on your left. Here the workers used to manufacture their tools. The workers used to call this kind of buildings "Gyftika" ("Gypsy").

Five hundred meters after the monastery of Evangelistria there is the Cave of the Cyclops, which have been covered in 1893 during some mining works. In a depth of 15 meters stalactites and stalagmites have been discovered and also some articles proving that the cave used to be a place of worship. Unfortunately, today, the cave can not be visited because it has sunk.


Mine facilities at the area of Koutalas Remnants of mining facilities in Koutalas of Serifos Mine facilities at the area of Koutalas The chapel of Agia Triada as seen from Aspros Pirgos Aspros Pirgos (the White Tower) Aspros Pirgos (the White Tower) at the area of Koutalas Aspros Pirgos and the chapel of Agios Charalabos Aspros Pirgos and minerals on the rocks The monastery of Evagelistria and mine galleries at the backgrounds The Throne of the Cyclops in Serifos

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